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March 2020

Posted by Rachel Linquist on

Do you ever feel like you blinked and time is gone- that you're standing still while moments and events whirl right by you? Yep, we know the feeling. Pretty sure that's why the month after February is called March, because it parades right on into the future.... Out here on the ranch, we've been so busy that it almost seems like we missed the first part of the year, but in reality we've just been that engrossed in our work out here.

Spring has always, ALWAYS been welcomed with open arms here, but it also means that our "down time" (and let me just say HA!!! WHAT down time??) comes to an end. Seriously - our down time this Winter consisted of moving calves, tending to yearlings, making sure everyone had enough hay and checking the fences where the snow froze over and pulled the lines down, then coaxing the cattle who got a wild hair with said fences and went on walkabout, to come back into the pasture....It was also a good time for me to practice my towing skills with the tractor when the truck got stuck (by yours truly)... Turns out, I can wrap a pretty decent chain, though I might've gotten a little TOO close to the truck with the tractor tines - I've had MORE than enough practice getting myself dug out these last two winters! So, yeah, you know, down time....

We've got a busy season coming up, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Calving will begin shortly, and we'll be back to checking and tagging the little ones, making sure the coyotes aren't around to cause any trouble with our new babies. In addition to calving and fencing, it's also when we also start cutting trees and working on land management for the season and making sure everything is in check. Ranch life keeps us on our toes, and we always appreciate being able to be back out in the warm sun after the cold season- it's a blessing!

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