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Stew Meat/Soup Bone Philly Cheese Steak Recipe

Posted by Rachel Linquist on

1 Pkg Stew Meat 1 Pkg Soup Bones 2 Onions (white or yellow) chopped Mushrooms Green or Red Peppers (or any of your favorite veggies) Any cheese you like (I use manchego) Seasonings to your taste Water to just cover meat in bottom of cooker   Place stew meat, bones,one onion, water and seasonings in Instapot/Pressure Cooker. Choose Meat/Stew setting (or high), and set time for 80-90 minutes.  When time is up and pressure has gone down, cut up mushrooms, peppers and remaining onion and fry in a skillet.  When onions are translucent (about 20 minutes), add the meat from...

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