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We've done our best to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive. If we've missed something important, please contact us using the link above. 

What is your shipping process?

We ship only on Mondays or Tuesdays, to ensure that our beef arrives during the week and will not sit in a warehouse over the weekend. Our shipments contain dry ice to maintain the product during shipping.

Is DH Longhorn beef USDA inspected?

Our beef is processed at USDA inspected lockers and stored in USDA inspected facilities.

Are these your cattle?

Yes, these are DH Longhorn cattle. Most we raise from birth to harvest. Occasionally, when demand requires, we purchase registered Texas longhorn cattle from partner ranches that care for their cattle with the same set of principles as DH Longhorn.

Is your beef organic?

DH Longhorn beef is not certified organic. We operate as close to organic as possible on 1,400 acres of pristine pasture in north central NebraskAnswer.  We take pride in our land and the cattle we raise.

Is DH Longhorn beef antibiotic free?

We do not administer antibiotics as a maintenance measure. Texas Longhorns are naturally disease resistant and rarely require the use of antibiotics. We will occasionally use an antibiotic when the animals welfare is at risk.

Is DH Longhorn beef hormone free?

We do not administer, in any form, hormones to our cattle.

Is DH Longhorn beef grass fed?

Less than 10% of our cattle’s diet consists of grain. Texas Longhorn cattle prefer pasture grasses, prairie hay, and other forage over grains. We supplement their diet with small amounts of grain, a mineral supplement, and a liquid protein supplement to maintain a healthy animal throughout the animal’s life cycle.

Do you feed Non-GMO corn or supplements?

We do not feed Non-GMO corn or supplements to our cattle due to the availability of the products at this time.

Does DH Longhorn offer refunds?

Our product is perishable, and in order to uphold our food safety standards, we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds.

What is the cooking difference between longhorn beef and regular beef?

Due to the lean nature of Longhorn beef, it cooks faster. It takes typically 20% - 30% less time to cook.