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Buying Process

When making larger purchases of beef—halves and wholes—the buying process changes in order to provide you with more choice over what's delivered.

  1. Placing a large beef order begins by selecting a butcher date and placing a deposit.
  2. DH Longhorn will notify you a week before the butcher date to touch base with you. At this time, we share a cut sheet with you and answer questions.
  3. DH Longhorn will contact you again one to two days after your beef has been delivered to the butcher. We will share the hanging weight and cost of your purchase, which is billed from the hanging weight.
  4. You contact the butcher before the 3rd week after your beef was delivered to the butcher.  This is because your beef is dry aged three weeks before it is cut, packaged, and frozen for a week. During this third week DH Longhorn will coordinate the delivery date with you.
  5. After the beef is cut up, we get the final bill from the butcher.  This will allow us to produce a final bill to you.  Included in your purchase is normal cut up fees.  You are responsible for paying for specialty items like brats, hotdogs and beef bacon.
  6. We deliver your beef!

3 Ways to Weigh Beef

Beef is weighed at three different points in the butchering process. The second weighing is used to calculate your purchase price.

  1. Live weight, we aim for 1,000 lbs. Usually between 900 and 1200.
  2. Hanging weight is 60%-65% of live weight. This is what we bill off. It is simple and the most accurate way to bill.
  3. Delivered weight is 50%-60% of Hanging weight. Some of this is loss during the aging process due to evaporation. Most of the loss is due to tendons, fat, and bones that are discarded. The types of cuts you select have the largest impact on weight*.

*In regards to the third way beef is weighed, consider a T-bone. A T-bone is a New York strip and a filet. If you choose to have filets and New York Strip steaks as separate, packaged cuts the bone will be discarded. Likewise if you choose not to have Soup Bones in your order the Soup Bone meat will be trimmed off the bones and ground into hamburger. The bones will be discarded. Your delivered weight will not include the weight of the discarded bones.