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November 2019

Posted by Rachel Linquist on

November 2019

"Fall"ing into Winter

Ahhh, the changing of the seasons. I always look forward to the subtle hints that Summer is fading and Fall is heading our way. The green leaves, slowly slipping into various shades of yellow and red, or the vibrant green grass, slowly reverting to its earlier shades of brown with the first frost of the season. Sounds lovely, right? Well, not exactly.... what we got instead was a swift and abrupt gut punch from the cold fist of Winter! No leaves OR grass slowly changing, more like they were green one day, and brown and decaying the next!! Good grief - I'd hate to see what Mother Nature would REALLY be like if we made Her mad!...

Life on the ranch has been busy. With the weather doing its own thing, we just have to keep up with the changes. Which can be either refreshing or utterly miserable. Sunny and brisk one day, rainy and downright arctic the next. The cattle have been slowly putting on their winter coats, but at this rate, I doubt it'll take much longer! I'm guessing within the next week, they'll be completely covered. Which I can't blame them - who likes to be that cold??

With that being said, we are running a clearance special for the month of November that's sure to bring a warm smile to our customers! Our Family Kit, which normally sells for $590, will be on sale for $490 the ENTIRE MONTH of November! That's $100 savings that we're passing on the you, our valued customer! And we are still running the Incentive Program, but it will not apply to the sale on the Family Kit.

And just a reminder about what the Incentive Program is: If you buy a Family Kit, Half or Whole Beef, you will earn a coupon for 15% off of your next Family kit, Half or Whole Beef. This is good for one year. If you buy a starter kit and then decide to buy a Half or Whole beef, that amount ($175) will be taken off the total of your next bill! This is good for one starter kit per half or whole.

If you put in an early order for a half or whole beef, which would be a month out, it's $4.65/lb, and we do offer Military discounts. Our locker dates are booked a year in advance and we are now taking orders for January into February. You can email us at or, me directly, at, or send an IM/DM via Facebook or Instagram for your orders.

Don't forget- if you're in the Bellevue/Omaha area and need a quick beef fix, be sure to stop in at the Twin Creeks GNC! We have a small freezer there and you can purchase singles! Quick, easy and convenient!

Be sure to keep checking out our website - we'll soon be adding recipes and ideas for cooking our beef. I have also been adding videos to our Youtube channel, which you can now subscribe to here:

DH Longhorn YouTube Channel

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From Our Ranch To Your Table-😊🐮


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