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Chuckeye Steak

Steak | In stock | lb
Ahh, the Chuckeye.  Often called "The poor man's ribeye", The Chuckeye steaks come from the section of meat between the shoulder blade on one side and ribs and backbone on the other, the 5th rib, or rib end, of the steer. This cut of steak varies per cow. We only get 4-6 chuckeye steaks per steer. It is often chosen when a ribeye can’t be had, as it is essentially the same cut, but smaller, than a ribeye. It boasts the same full flavor, juice and fat that a ribeye has, but it has connective tissue, which makes it just a bit less tender.  For this reason, we recommend braising or grilling the chuckeye. Don't forget to let it rest after cooking to ensure that the juices settle into the steak.
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