Online orders ship on Mondays~ Half Beefs are available NOW for July 2024 Delivery!

Half Beef- *Weights/Pricing will vary*

DH Longhorn

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Buying Information

Because our halves are sold per pound, customers can contact us via email ( or IM us on Facebook @ DHLonghorn to set up a purchase of a half.  Pricing is $5.75/lb hanging weight.  The pricing below (listed) is a guesstimate of what the cost *could* be.

Buying a side (or half) beef is the most economical way to purchase in beef.  It not only saves you money, but also gives you complete control of the cuts and packaging sizes.  We coordinate with you on a date, and once a date has been agreed upon, we set up a time for you and our butcher to speak.  This is when you determine exactly how you want your beef cut.  As with all DH Longhorn beef, we dry age the whole animal for 3 weeks before cutting and packaging. 

All DH Longhorn beef is family raised near Page, Nebraska. We take great pride in our herd, which is nurtured daily by our family with care and humane treatment. Our herd roams freely on 1,400 acres of family owned pasture ground. We believe this contributes to the overall well-being of each animal and the quality of our beef.


Shipping is an option but can be expensive for a half.  We will coordinate with you and find an option that works for all of us.  

Beef Information

When we deliver a side a beef, we use two 150 qt Igloo coolers. How many pounds of delivered beef varies since the weight of every animal is different.  Our goal is to have a hanging weight of 300 lbs for a side, but is usually between 250- 300 lbs.  Hanging weight is what is used for billing.  Typical take home weight will be around 165 lbs. The types of cuts, evaporation, and scraps (an example of scraps would be bones) will determine the take home weight. We recommend  an 8 cubic foot chest freezer for a side of beef.

We take great care shipping our products. Every order is carefully packed with dry ice inside dense foam boxes, which have been specially designed to insulate and preserve beef orders.

Each insulated box can contain approximately 30 pounds of beef. All shipments are sent through UPS on Mondays or Tuesdays. Please check your shipping zone on the map below to determine if additional shipping costs are applicable with your order.

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